Things no one told us.

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Are parents allowed to substitute in times of necessity? If not, who made the rules? And are we allowed to change them?

Something Was Wrong With Our New Baby!

Yes! Something Was Definitely Wrong.

His screams emanated from a place I did not know existed in the human body.

Head arched backward, stomach protruding, he continued to scream at the top of his tiny lungs. Heart-wrenching screams. I have never seen or heard anything like this, especially from a six-day-old baby.

We had just gotten him from the neonatal ward, where he had spent the first five days of his…

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Come walk with me in the cool of the day

Could you spare me a little of your time?

After many years of being your mate,

I want you to be mine

Come talk with me

And please let our conversation

Not be about bills, work or the children

There is a part of me you have never touch

A deep desire, unfulfilled

All this time of loving you,

I need you just as much

Do you understand when I say I need you?

I want your hands to caress me,

Knowing that physical desire

Is not the only thing…

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In my fifth year of motherhood, I learned a great lesson and unintentionally granted myself the best gift a mother can give to herself.

For the past five years I had been living away from my mother’s house she would visit me on Mother’s Day so that we could spend time together.

What that really was could be described as a fast-track day, with me running around catering to everyone’s needs, totally ignoring the fact that I was a mother as well and deserved to be celebrated.

On this Mother’s Day, my five-year-old daughter brought me a gift while I…

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Every life has its own challenges.

For some, it is as simple as getting out of the bed in the morning.

For others, it can be a reason to smile or dealing with loneliness.

Life challenges are found in every walk of life, every step of growth and every season.

How we deal with these challenges determines their outcome and the effects they will have on our lives.

MY life is not short of its challenges there are many days I wished I could remain in bed so that I would not have to deal with what I knew that…

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What exactly is an Author’s Website?

Your author’s website is basically your platform.

It is your online “home”. The place where you showcase your brand. The place where people can find your books and everything else you offer.

There they can contact you, find links to your other sites or profiles.

Your readers may want to know about you and what you represent before purchasing your products.

If you are an unknown writer, your website is a perfect place to show to the world that you are an expert in your field by highlighting your accomplishments and ventures.

Like I…

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Today marks the anniversary of my nation’s first reported case of the Covid-19 virus.

And I know that many people have a lot to reflect on. I also know that the past year had been a whirlwind of fear, anxiety and questions.

Questions we are thankful that some had taken the time to answer, if not always one hundred percent truthful, but enough to satisfy our curiosity and put our minds at rest.

As most of the nations come to the end of their mandatory lockdown and self-isolation period and life takes on some sort of normalcy for many. …

Thank you for this engaging and encouraging piece. I too, am the family's pandemic cop and it had not been an easy journey. But I am grateful that at the end of 365 days we are all safe. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Not quite over, but getting there. Take care

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I did not know what was happening until the act was done

My only intention to immortalize my friends and family

Their names written in my stories for all eternity

Mr. Jenkins, our shopkeeper, is a good man to some

to others, he was just the grumpy old man that lives around the corner

I immortalized him into my progressive story

Writing him into my adult mystery trilogy

Wouldn’t it be a fascination play if he strayed?

A few days later my husband Dave came in to say

‘You know that old coot by the corner shop?’


Retribution: The only option

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Retribution: The only option

Lyn watched as Asaf walked towards her. His lean body ridged with anticipation, handsome face tight, brown eyes searching pools of fire.

She had dreamt of this moment frequently over the past two years. The moment she would be given the opportunity to avenge the lives of her mother and eleven-year-old brother.

Lives he had taken.

Lives that meant nothing to him, but was everything to her.

Her gaze drops to his hands. Today not a weapon of mass destruction; they hang loosely by his side. …

Eleven Months of blogging.

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Income reports are among my favorite online article reads.

The headline light up my yahoo feed and is usually the one I click on first before embracing my daily avalanche of emails.

I love reading income reports of writers, bloggers, and anyone that makes a living through the written word.

It is one of those things that excites me and keeps my eyes glued to my computer screen.

It’s fascinating to know that writers are making money from their writing and some of them even boast of 6-figure incomes.

Contrary to the myth of the starving-writer syndrome. …

Denese Young-Williams

Writer of fiction, non-fiction, children's' literature, poetry and biblical content.

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